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What is the Wattsaver System?

Wattsaver is a system that turns OFF the power in hotel rooms when the guests are not present. It consists of 3 basic parts:

How it works

When a guest enters the room, the air conditioner and the lights turn on, if these were left ON before exiting. Once inside, the Motion Sensor detects motion and informs the Control Unit the presence of a guest. The Control Unit becomes latched, meaning, it registers the presence of the guest and maintains the power on until the door is re-opened.

Once the guest leaves the room, a magnetic switch located inside the Presence Indicator, informs the Control Unit that the door has been opened. When this occurs, the Motion Sensor continues seeking the presence of another guest and if no motion is detected, the system begins the “countdown turn OFF cycle” turning OFF the air conditioner and lights. This happens between 5 to 15 minutes after the guest exits the room. These times are programmable. During this period, the system still monitors motion and the opening of the door, in order to cancel immediately the “countdown turn OFF cycle” to maintain the power ON.


A Control Unit: All electronics is located on a single printed circuit board, very easy to replace.This unit feeds the motion sensor and the presence indicator. The conductors for the air conditioner and the lights of the room are also connected to it.

A Motion Sensor: It's an electronic device that detects motion in a certain area. It is placed strategically in one of the corners of the room in a such a way that it covers most of the area of the room. The model used in our system covers an area 15 X 15 meters. In cases where there is more than one room like suites, an additional sensor is used.

A Presence Indicator: This device is located in the door's out side frame. It has a magnetic switch that detects if the door is open or closed. Two LEDs, one "green" and one "red", allow the hotel staff to determine if the guest is inside or not; that way the guest will never be disturbed .